Why Therapy Is Important After Moving The Family

Traditionally if a parent changes their job and the family moves, everyone will have a bit of adjusting time. This means that children may be withdrawn for a little while as they adjust to a new school and new friends. Though it is normal for the entire family to have some difficulties, for many children it can be a little harder than it first seems. For this reason, family therapy is a good measure when moving to an entirely new area. If your children are having trouble adjusting, this is how therapy can help. 

Therapy can identify the issue 

If your child is having a bigger issue with getting used to their new space, therapy can be the best option. Some children can experience depression as a part of their adjustment. If your child has depression or anxiety as the result of the move, it may not just go away. A family therapist can diagnose depression and let you know if the child needs medication or further therapy. Diagnosing depression early can help the entire family in keeping the children on track. 

Everyone figures out why the move is impactful

Moves can be impactful to different people in the same family for different reasons. Some people may be excited about the move and become anxious. Others may dislike the move and become withdrawn. Figuring out how the move has impacted everyone will make it easier to be there for one another. The family therapist can give everyone tools to discover the reasons for their moving issues. Learning these tools as a family will provide a group effort to enduring any adjustment problems. For the duration of therapy, everyone's progress can be noted. If the progress is slow, it will need to be easier. 

Therapy can expose bigger issues

During a major move, other issues can be masked as adjustment issues. Kids acting out or becoming withdrawn may be a symptom of a larger issue. Personality disorders or mood disorders can lead to major changes in the way that children behave. If your children are acting differently during the move, family therapy can help to analyze their motives. This will allow the family to understand the motives behind everyone's behavior in the long run. If there are bigger issues, diagnosing them during a move may also help to decrease the agitation that changes cause the mood disorder or personality disorder. 

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