Preventing A Drug Relapse

When you've completed an addiction recovery plan, you may be proud, excited, and relieved that you've tackled the problem. However, while completion marks the start of a new life, you still must do whatever is required to avoid a relapse into the lifestyle you've worked so hard to escape. Keep these actions at the forefront of your mind when embarking on a new, drug-free life.

Set Goals

A way to steer clear of addicting substances is to remind yourself every day why you stopped using drugs. You can also begin to create and commit to goals in your life that drugs wouldn't allow you to reach. Make some short-term goals, such as getting to work each day this month, and make some long-term ones, such as seeing a foreign country next summer. When you focus on your future, it can feel easier to avoid drugs today.

Continue Therapy

You might have had some kind of group or individual therapy during your program. It's wise to keep that practice going; a therapist is a recovery partner who can help you handle negative, uncertain or frustrated feelings while encouraging you to embrace positivity, growth, and life.

Avoid Old Environments

A concern when you leave your recovery program is that you'll get a little too comfortable "on the outside." When you're free to plan your time without having to be in the program at all, you may notice you've got a lot of time to fill. You might want to reconnect with close friends you had and think you can stay clean even if they're still using.

This can be incredibly dangerous for your recovery. Falling back into the same habits that allowed your drug use to start and continue will present you with temptations you may be unprepared for. If you miss your social life or hanging with friends, start making new friends with healthy habits. Actively seek new hobbies and activities that will allow you to socialize with those who aren't involved with drugs at all.

Talk to Sponsor

If you're like plenty of addicts, you'll have challenging days. You may not feel well or have a setback. When this happens, a sponsor can be there at any hour to help you remain clean. Sponsors are many times recovering addicts themselves, so they understand the variety of emotions you're dealing with.

Keep yourself on a drug-free path with these actions. Work with a counselor to develop a clear relapse prevention plan and try visiting sites like ONTRACKNY.COM.